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CEBO Fondo - White - CEB-F

CEBO Fondo - White - CEB-F

CEBO Fondo (Base Coat)

Lime based mineral coating with marble powders.
A base coat for Cebo Stucco, Marmorino, Gold and IntE.

General Features:

Universal lime, marble dust and qualified modifier based plaster, for plastering rustic surfaces even of significant thickness: slightly porous appearance.


Slightly porous appearance.


Finishing coat to achieve surfaces with a rustic appearance or base coat for Stucco to create encausto effects.

Substrate Preparation:

Fondo is suited to all plaster, lime and brick bases.
An oil based primer or CEBOFIX R diluted to 30-40% with water is recommenced for optimum results.
This substrate must be perfectly dry, dust-free, with no humidity or salts stains.

Application Procedure & Recommendations:

Apply one or two coats with a stainless steel trowel and when it is drying smooth with trowel or sponge float to a sand finish: It may be dampened before the final smoothing to remove any imperfections or trowel marks.


Theoretical consumption: 1.2-1.5 kg per sq. m.