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Lime paint - White - NVC-EP-W

Lime paint - White - NVC-EP-W

Era Penello

Lime Paint.

General Features:

Era lime paint is formulated with traditional recipes that contain seasoned hydrated lime putty, coloring oxides and earths, linseed oil and rheologic modifiers which guarantee perfect workability.
Era lime paint produces washes of vibrant and soft color. When mixed with a combination of “Antiche Patine” and “Lattedicalce”


Matte, velvet-like.


For interior or exterior applications.

Substrate Preparation:

The substrate must be perfectly dry, dust free, and with no water or salt stains.
New natural lime plasters: the substrate should “mature” for a period of 20 days; then apply Era lime paint. Wet the wall thoroughly in windy or hot conditions.

Era may be applied over the following substrates with proper surface preparation.

  • Lime and Cement Mortars
  • Premixed renderings
  • Pre-existing lime and gypsum plasters
  • Moisture-permeable plasters
  • Gypsum plasterboard


Between (0.3 - 0.5 kg/m2)

Color Range: