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CEBOART CeboInt E - White - CEB-I

CEBOART CeboInt E - White - CEB-I

CeboInt E

Rustic Marmorino with Black Marble Grain

General Features:

Lime based mineral coating, marble powder and qualifying additives: high transpiration and mold and bacteria resistant in time. Finishing product with a solid and matte effect, with medium and regular seediness. Also recommended to obtain the "encaustic" effect with the subsequent application of CEBOART Stucco.


Medium Fine


For exterior use CeboInt must be treated with a dilution of CEBOCEM mixed 1:8 with water.

Substrate Preparation:

Apply an oil based primer to all surfaces requiring CeboInt.

Application Procedure & Recommendations:

Apply a first coat using a stainless steel trowel, and when it is drying, trowel with a sponge trowel. When dry, apply the second coat and process in the same way and with the product still moist, press the product firmly.

Applying CEBOINT E for
the “encaustic” effect: apply a coat
of product using the stainless steel trowel
and in the drying phase trowel with the fine sponge trowel


1.2/1.5 kg per sq. m